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Social Network Website
Social Network Website

Understanding social media development and Web 2.0

Social network design. You’re probably already familiar with the idea of using a social network website, blog, wiki or other collaboration and development tool. All are examples of Web 2.0 applications, a phrase coined by O’Reilly Media in 2004 to refer to a “second generation” of internet websites that emphasize sharing networks and user-generated content development. These days, many of us make contributions to a social network without even thinking about it. We leave website comments on articles we read, write reviews of products we’ve purchased, and distribute our homemade videos to websites like YouTube. Social network development has made the internet a much better place to share, thanks in large part to this new breed of website.

Social Networking Website Design and Development

Are you looking for a leader in Social Network Website Development?


Social Network website development has become incredibly popular because it allows organizations to create community and link website visitors in fantastic new ways. Whether your network aims to connect job partners, differentiate you as a network leader in your industry, create new social relationships, or attract visitors to your website, Moonrise can help you in the development of a thriving community.


We are experts in the development of social network websites specifically crafted to attract your chosen demographic by age, industry, profession, interest or any other criteria.


Two out of three internet users visit a social network website. Traffic to social media websites is beginning to eclipse even search engines like Google.

Development of your social circle

Nothing is more important than choosing the right partner for the development of your social media website. Creating a social network is often a large investment in both time and money, requiring a development team that has the necessary expertise to make intelligent recommendations and deliver a complete social network solution. At Moonrise you'll work with website designers and development engineers who have been creating advanced social network applications long before all the Facebook and MySpace hype. Moonrise uses only Web 2.0 best practices that provide an impressive user experience driven by powerful development technologies like JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, AJAX, and Flex. We build in easy, web-based controls that make it simple to manage and modify your social network so that your website grows just as fast as your user base.


We make being social easy

Moonrise delivers custom-built social network websites that focus on the user, ensuring they are motivated to take active part in the community’s development. Our social network website solution is scalable, tested, and completely customizable. At the same time, we dedicate ourselves to the development of positive buzz so that word about your website spreads across networks. Our solutions are developed to comply with W3C Standards> so that major search engines index every page of your social network website. That means more visitors, a larger community of members, and a higher profile for the development of your online brand.


Community is calling you

Just like your company, your social network website should be completely unique and speak to your brand. We'd love to hear your ideas and bring your online community to life. Request a custom proposal to start a new, niche social network or expand development of your existing community website to the next level.

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Designing a Social Network Website

You may have noticed that many blogs and social network websites have similar design and development elements: rounded corners, shiny 3D embossed buttons, pastel colors, large text captions and inline photos, or eye-catching illustrations. It’s visually appealing and very easy to read, all part of something called social design, which aims to create the right development environment for people to interact together through online networks.


Such cosmetics mask the development of advanced and innovative features that allow web programmers to manage endless interaction and technological services like social bookmarking, reader recommendations and comments, video sharing and online chat. It seems the old adage “share and share alike” is once again in fashion.

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Our design and development team combines form and function to deliver a website with every social network function conceivable.

  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Message Boards
  • Calendars
  • Basic and Advanced Search
  • Integration with E-Commerce
  • Full User Documentation & Training
  • Custom Modules and Plug-ins
  • Widgets
  • Newsletters
  • RSS Feeds
  • Wikis
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Content Management Systems (WYSIWYG Editors)
  • Upload, Share, Download, Music and Photos
  • Theme directory - to install more themes
  • Auctions
  • Ratings
  • Polls
  • Multiple Admins and Moderators
  • Individual, Multiple and Group Level Permissions
  • User and IP Banning
  • Statistics and Web Analytics
  • Banner and Cross Site Advertising
  • Metrics /Ad Stats
  • Personal and Private Chat
  • Personal and Private Blog
  • Personal & Private Events Calendar
  • Personal and Private Messages
  • Personal and Public Forums
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